Post Pregnancy Surgery

Many women come seeking surgery after pregnancy. Often they have anguished for years about whether surgery is just vain or feel embarrassed that they should just accept their body as part of having had children.

The decision to finally see a plastic surgeon may come about through knowledge of what can be offered, possibly a friend having a procedure or just plain frustration that your body does not look or function like it should.

Most concerns relate to the abdomen or breast.

Abdominal concerns range from feeling like there is no strength in the tummy muscles or your core, to excess skin and weight that can’t be shifted with any exercise and diet, to extremes where you can no longer wear particular clothes. It is not uncommon for women to tell me that at times they are still mistaken for being pregnant.

Breast concerns lie mainly with loss of volume and sagging compared to pre-pregnancy. Commonly women voice that they no longer fit their bras even if it is custom-made, or are embarrassed to be in bikinis or taking their bra off in front of their partner.

Whether your post pregnancy issues relate to look, function or an inability to wear what you want, do not be embarrassed or feel vain. You deserve to feel good in your body again and there is often an easy solution.

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