Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can take many forms in terms of procedure types and timing. Reconstructing a breast after mastectomy for cancer is very rewarding as it is often a vital step for a woman to regain control after a cancer diagnosis. It can also help minimise the reminders of such a difficult time.

Dependant largely on the type of breast cancer and whether radiotherapy is required after mastectomy, will determine whether the reconstruction can be performed immediately (at the same time of mastectomy) or delayed.

Reconstruction often involves stages to rebuild the structure of the involved breast and make a new nipple and areola. Sometimes it also affords the opportunity to improve the other, native breast so that better symmetry and shape can be achieved.

Breast reconstruction can be broken down into three general techniques: those that use your own tissue (autogenous), those that use implants (alloplastic), and those that utilise a combination of implant and your own tissue.

Options on which technique and timing is best for you is determined after an initial consultation and in collaboration between you, myself and the breast cancer surgeon.

The procedure details, operative time, hospital stay, recovery, risks and surgery costs vary widely depending on the technique and number of stages. As such, these aspects will be specified once your tailored plan is formulated after an initial consultation.




Initial consultation is $300. If a second consultation is required, this is at no out-of-pocket charge.

The total cost of the procedure (surgeon, anaesthetist, hospital fees, garment, possible implants) and any rebates you may be entitled will be calculated for you after your initial consultation and you will be provided a written quote. Post-operative consultations are not charged.

It is advisable to bring a referral from your GP as you will likely be eligible for rebates from Medicare and your health fund that will offset some of the above costs.

You will be given an accurate written quote after your first consultation.


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