Dr. Kevin Ho talks about his practice as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Sydney. He asserts on providing customised treatment and care to his patients. Dr. Kevin Ho believes in treating all his patients with equal care and passion irrespective of the kind of surgery they require. His core aim is to ensure that his patients are given individualised care in a safe and friendly environment.

Hello, Welcome to my practice. My name is Kevin Ho and I am a plastic surgeon based in Sydney. My practice philosophy is to deliver natural results tailored to the individual in a safe, caring and experienced environment and I hope you find that. My practice ranges from the eastern suburbs of Sydney through to the Hills district and I do a range of cases from cosmetic through to reconstructive. Whether it’s the child born with congenital deformity such as Cleft Lip and Palate to a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation, the tenets of my care and the process with which I tailor your individualized treatment is the same. I hope that you find this resource useful and if we do end up meeting with you being my patient I hope that you find that the same tenets of individualised care in a safe, caring and experienced environment shown through.