Dr. Kevin Ho states that contrary to the general consensus, cosmetic breast surgery and plastic reconstructive surgery belongs to the same spectrum. Regardless of the nature of the surgery, Dr. Kevin Ho treats his breast reconstructive surgery patients with a definite approach that is to provide them with natural looking breasts proportionate to their body lending a sense of wholeness and normalcy. He lays emphasis on conducting the surgery in a minimal risk environment and also on the longevity of the results. He considers breast reconstruction in Sydney as one of the most rewarding plastic surgeries as it offers the patients who have been through traumatic experience, a recourse to return their lives to normalcy.

People often distinguish cosmetic breast surgery from reconstructive surgery and I think that’s a fallacy. It belongs on the same spectrum. Often the best reconstructive outcome is the same as the best cosmetic outcome and vice versa. So when I approach a breast reconstructive issue whether it’s from augmenting small breasts to congenital deformity or asymmetry to terrible situations of trauma or breast cancer, my goals remain the same, is to give you a natural well shaped that fits your body’s proportions and also give you a good long term outcome in a minimal risk environment. I find one of the most rewarding aspects of plastic surgery is this type of procedure. The greatest gift I think you can give a patient in this arena is the ability to forget, the ability to forget that they’ve been through traumatic circumstances such as cancer or they live their whole lives with breast they didn’t feel fitted their body and what they deserved. And I think that the greatest gift a surgeon can give in this situation is that ability that when a patient has gone through the process that they spend everyday not thinking about they had to go through, when looking in the mirror is just like looking in the mirror for anyone else.