Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Plastic surgeons are the specialty able to offer the full range of options when it comes to facial rejuvenation. From addressing one feature of your face that is disproportionate to achieving a global harmony across features that is more youthful and desirable.

The Plastic surgeon’s ability to offer a range from non-invasive techniques to complex surgery allows the patient to get what is right for them, not just be offered what is within a limited scope and hence a limited result. This is such an important point as clinics that don’t even have doctors doing the procedure exist everywhere now and market a low cost option or non-invasive angle that seems too good to be true.

I often see patients who have had antiwrinkle injections or fillers elsewhere unhappy with the result and are surprised that what they have been regularly spending money on every 6 months is unnecessary, put in the wrong area or overdosed, or just plainly the wrong procedure.

My advice for a patient seeking facial rejuvenation is to decide clearly what outcome they wish for and seek out a Plastic surgeon who can expertly assess and offer a balanced approach to help you. Beware of allowing your health to be in the hands of someone not fully trained, who can only offer a limited range of solutions, and whose motive is to sell you their product.

Seeing a specialist Plastic Surgeon will not only save you time and likely money but more importantly give you the peace of mind that your health and safety is in the hands of a professional who specialises in this area.

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