Breast Reduction in Sydney with Dr. Kevin Ho

What is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction is the surgical procedure used to reduce breast size and restore shape. It is a commonly sought procedure as large breasts may cause discomfort, impair lifestyle, and limit clothing choices especially bras.

Breast reduction carries a high satisfaction rate as patients report that it allows for a healthier, more active lifestyle without the restrictions caused by the excess weight breasts exert on the neck, shoulders and back.

Invariably the procedure requires a skin incision around the areola with a vertical extension below that. The main difference in techniques for breast reduction lie in whether that is the only incision needed (called a Vertical or Short scar technique – incision line like a keyhole shape) or if a horizontal incision in the breast crease underneath is also required (called a Conventional or Wise pattern technique– incision line like an anchor shape).

Internally, are a more complex series of incisions designed to move the nipple safely into a higher position, create stable pillars to support the new breast for shape and longevity to counteract drooping, and of course, to remove the desired excess volume of breast tissue and skin.

Who needs a breast reduction and why?

Women who seek breast reduction do so for a variety of reasons. From those with breasts disproportionately too large for their frame or breast droop caused by the excess weight of large breasts.

Large breasts can also be a functional hindrance. Not just limiting exercise and a healthy lifestyle but they may cause skin problems and musculoskeletal pain in the back, neck and shoulders.

Whether excessively large breasts is a shape, size or functional issue, breast reduction is a very successful operation in helping solve the problem.

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