Asian eyelid surgery – all the facts

Asian Eyelids

Asian eyelid, or double eyelid surgery, refers to the surgical creation of a fold in the upper eyelid to create a “double eyelid”. This can seemingly make the eyes appear more open and ‘awake’. Other forms of Asian eyelid surgery can involve making the eyelid creases that may be weak or uneven, more defined and symmetrical.

It is estimated that 50% of the Asian population does not have a fold in the area above the eyelashes, so a blepharoplasty procedure can create a natural looking crease. This surgery is referred to as “Asian double eyelid surgery”.

Because Asian skin is more sensitive, incisions are made with a scalpel to minimise scarring. The height at which the incision is made is dictated by anatomical ideals and then tapered into the epicanthal fold towards the nose or horizontal to separate it from the epicanthus. If desired, the fold can be flared slightly upwards at its outer end to aid remove heaviness from eth outer upper eyelid.

Most typically, a small strip of skin above this initial incision is excised, which is dependent upon the proposed height of the new crease as well as pre-existing anatomical conditions.

The final crease height and shape are the result of both selective tissue removal and precise internal tissue rearrangement to meet the wishes of the patient. The operation may be used to create tapered, parallel, lateral flare, and, rarely, semilunar shaped creases or to correct incomplete or multiple creases.

This incisional approach is considered the “gold standard” in Asian double eyelid surgery as laser and internal suture approaches are not as accurate as seeing, defining and modifying the key structure of the eyelid crease – the levator aponeurosis.

Is there an age restriction for this surgery?

With rare exceptions, the minimum age we would accept patients for cosmetic surgery is 16. All patients under the age of 18 must consult with their GP, and wait 3 months between the consultation and surgery.

The surgical technique is based on the rearrangement of internal eyelid structures rather than simple tissue subtraction.

Will I still look Asian?

Yes. The surgically-created crease more resembles the crease that occurs naturally in over half other Asian population as opposed to mimicking the shape of the occidental crease. The key is maintaining the natural Asian identity whilst improving the aesthetics of the eye so the upper eyelid looks less heavy and sleepy with a more defined eyelid crease.

How long does it take?

Asian eyelid surgery takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour under a general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital with an Anaesthetist. There is no need to stay overnight.

Dr Ho only works with board-certified Anaesthetists and will only perform eyelid surgery under sterile conditions in an accredited hospital.

How much does double eyelid surgery cost?

Asian double eyelids surgery costs approximately $6,000 which includes all costs such as the Anaesthetist and Hospital.

Is there any scarring?

Eyelid surgery does involve incisions, however these are hidden in the crease of the upper eyelids and are not seen after healing.

Dr Ho uses his specialist skills to minimise scarring and will support you during the post-operative course.

If you would like to book an appointment or have an enquiry please contact us on (02) 9650 4900.



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